Mar 8, 2022

🥰 ~ 💗 (Compassion for the global refugee crisis and Self!) Daybreak - Compasion for Self (counciloflove) 💕 ~ | Blogger: How do i know Linda Dillon - Founder, Council of Love? SoTW don't know her, but became familiarized with Linda through the Canadian site, GoldenAgeOfGaia. I did however, participated in the seminar via VideoLink called: 'Union & re-union: The 2014 Annual Council of Love Gathering''. Among the attendees was the whole team from, Nova Earth Team, John Smallman, and many other well-known, especially American spiritual recognized people with Linda Dillon as host, Divine Mother, who invited us in a spiritual journey, along with our Archangel Michael, St. Germaine to Jesus Sananda... |


Spirit Broadcast 

DayBreak March 7, 2022

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