Mar 30, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 (Antarctica HU / Galaxy Deal / no Deal Meeting Dec 2021 EA, GFL, MIC-SSP, Trump, Putin & Xi Jin Ping) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Sooo lovely update with Val Nek channel by Pleiadian Contactee - Megan Rose Medium. Megan, who's put in the grave for the last 6 mo. by Dr. Salla, Alex Collier and Elena Danaan, but praised to the skies by James Gilliland, Tarot by Janine. I don't give a rats ass why other say about me on SoTW, with all due respect, so why shouldn't I keep presenting Mega Rose on my blog. She still resonate with me and even if she is or has been claimed as a "controlled opposition" (Black Hat op controlled to look like a White Hat), I think the message is B-E-A-utiful. Thank you Megan for sharing is caring... |


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