Feb 17, 2022

⊆◍益◍⊇ (Short Audio, Read & Videos of Interests) Something Strange is Happening at Disney... And more Weird Things... (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉'THE GUY' who hacked the Canadian convoy for freedom 'give send go'. All crazy-talk! Canada also blacklists ‘Freedom Convoy’ crypto wallets, threatens to freeze pro-Trump bank accounts & Trudeau's actions may cause "bank runs" in Canada!👈] ... 🤜Apparently Disney, part of the illuminati's ring of #GlobalPedoGate and Pedophilia, that's a big problem in Hollyweird, are to build and expand Disney-kinda-mini-resorts in every Americans backyard... 🤜Next is Janine - card reading on what's been coming out with the Durham Report! Plus Trudeau tries the tyrant's clamp down with the money! What's next as the deepstate bad actors panic?... 🤜Since the end result of Canadian "Freedom Convoy" is important to the rest of the world, i've added "ReallyGraceful" who's deep dive into the country Canada and how the truckers movement started and still stand... 🤜I wanted to embed Mike Adams' Situation Update, Feb 16, 2022, when he discuss media that is pushing "HIV variant" narrative as cover story for vaccine-induced IMMUNE SYSTEM COLLAPSE (1hr 28min). But it's suddenly GONE! on "brighteon"... 🤜Food and Drug Administration [FDA] Executive Officer, Christopher Cole, inadvertently revealed that his agency will eventually announce that annual COVID-19 vaccinations will become policy... 🤜LASTLY, and this is BREAKING for Denmark; Per Brændgaard, who is self-employed nutrition expert, Cand. Scient., activitst etc. can reveal, that a leading Professor Lars Østergaard. used in every single media in Denmark, on News 24/7 etc. has received money from four large pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines or drugs against covid-19 (Audio + read)... |

RUMOR HAS IT, that 20,000 vehicles participate in Israel Freedom Convoy to Jerusalem... And Israel are not gonna be the last Washington DC is next! All for Freedom and Unity...



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