Feb 25, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 (Guys, I need to get something off my chest!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Pooh! Okay!. Touch times! I'm a very good, friendly polite person, but venting, is sometimes bad and bad energy is catching. Today, I've texted my sisters boyfriend about his Ukraine/Russian narrative. I tried to be funny and at least, not letting him know, I was a sneaky bastard, because they're so bloody "sensitive" (my sis and her 'soldier'). It didn't go as I hoped for but I learned like 99% of the rest of Danes, so so angry, that Putin, is considered the worst enemy in the world, killing innocents and filling coffins! I kinda knew the answer but in the beginning, we had the longest talks and mountain biking, I could (almost) talk about anything, including spiritually. In 2020, it all changed, after the Coronacrisis begun, he completely changed attitude and trusted every single rules and regulations, to the letter, no question asked. He wouldn't listen to anything, even if he's disgusted about our PM, because he's Nero-conservative. I'm talking about a man, who used to be a proff. soldier fighting for U.S. military. I'm not allowed to talk about it, because he thinks the state, comes after him, but he worked for beeep (something with Black in it and water) killing, everything that could crawl (he told me). A guy who has friends in high places, The Liberal Party of Denmark, Terma A/S, Danish Defence Intelligence Service, Police, Military and Freemasonry. Properly he knows exactly what happened to Mr. Findsen, but he's not talking to me at all. Anyways, sorry! I 'think' he respect me for being part my own sister and our family, but has no respect for me, not working, because he's obsessed, like so many others; No Jab No Play mentality. If you don't pay to society by having a 8-16 job, you are worthless to him and Denmark. I'm consider the little goat herder makes Darryl look like a welfare case - you understand? I try to explain to him, I still pay taxes, and what I do is for humanity and do not receive a dime, but he doesn't give a sh*t. I'm a nobody and even with 16 years of education and working since I was 15, with 20 years of spiritual work, i'm Cow POO - If you catch my drift! So, yes, being inside the so-called TRUTH-movement, can be extremely hard, but wait until, the world will explode after Putin (and Trump + off-worlders) is done! I still have some fight left in me and trust the path, but oh man - bite the bullet "fastest sleepers", the chickens will come home to roost! Making you and me feel shocked or appalled and sick, after it's discovered, we're all been lied to for a millennium... |

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