Feb 2, 2022

🐻⚔️πŸ¦… ~ (Did the Cold War ever end?) Below: EU / NATO's dire wish for expansion & Russia-war. Ukraine prepare in secret with NATO for a new offensive assault on LDPR, during February Olympic Games Beijing 2022. In the cover of 10 NATO military exercises on Ukraine soil in February and much of 2022. Germany and France is backing down (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: My take (and others) on U.S. Government perpetrated the 2014 Coup in Ukraine by rabidly anti-Russian Government, was a violent event, which produced many corpses (some False Flag CIA snipers on the roofs)... AS you know, Denmark, is right now preparing for a full-scale war supporting NATO with military, but no troops (as we know of). At no time, has Danish PM had any "green' colourful outfit on, to mark, she's surrounding (to the White Hats) - on the contrary. At a press-meeting 2 days ago, she said to promise a "strengthened cooperation with EU and NATO" - Denmark still has a goal of increasing the defense budget for 2 percent of GDP. (Jeppe Kofod with a BLUE tie QUEEN blue dress).. Yes, I know what SimonP are saying, that MSM giving false information regarding American troops, are deploying in Ukraine, but instead, deploying in Germany, Poland and Lithuania... PS: Check out the Weapons of Mass Deception The Ghost Army - the mysterious men who tricked the Nazis with inflatable armies in World War II. And people still don't believe me on SoTW, with proof of escaping Kabul US C-17 seems to be a dummy or White Hat sting FF ops inflatable prop... |


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