Jan 28, 2022

👻🔫👨 ~ (Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! Physic attacks boundaries) If you need a smart guy, insider, whistleblower or spiritual guru on speed dial to help you fix one thing - who can you call? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: 🔴RIGHT NOW LIVE with Alex Collier, he confirms; Justin Trudeau is rumored to be ARRESTED with military escort (Alex is very sick)... Do SoTW enjoy the gossip and rumors going around? Absolutely not, I'm here for the TRUTH, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Who can you call SoTW to get the truth? It depends on how you define TRUTH. I strongly believing me Inner Self. In contrast to the outer self, the inner self is about what can't be seen: feelings, intuition, values, beliefs, personality, thoughts, emotions, fantasies, spirituality, desire, and purpose. So, when push comes to shove, I only have me, myself & "Irene"! I do share my thoughts on my blog and have my mom and a few 1-2 "spiritual" friends on my level, to share it with and learn stuff from, of course!... Okay! Here's some fun facts (with all due respect to the ones who was injured); ... [READ MORE]... |

... The word is, as we speak, Pittsburgh bridge collapse injures 10 on day Biden to visit city to talk infrastructure - coincidence? (another hint to London Bridge Down!?!).

My higher self has said April is gonna be the month to beat them all. Janine said we could travel freely in March, things are progressing, people..

One hour earlier, I listen to "special unboxing with Janine, Julie & Jeanclaude@beyondmystic". She said, or the card readings told her, that Justin Trudeau (rumored to be son of Fidel Castro and accord. to the Stasi GDR files, Merkel, the daughter of Hitler) was long gone in flesh, but one of the "clone, fake or double" Trudeau, has been rounded up (hint - in isolation after COVID-19 exposure)..

What did Benjamin Fulford say? That EVERYONE who "got infected with Covid 19" is OUT of the game, something like that. The whole Monarchy of Sweden and i mean everyone has got Corona, so has Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and two other Swedish politicians..

Aaandd, today, some of the world's largest cargo aircrafts are visiting the coming days, Billund Airport. It can only mean two things; Kuleba from Ukraine, had audience with Queen of Denmark and Frederik, Crown Prince, that the Kingdom of Denmark and freemasonic military, are ready, for full blown war against Russia, OR, it's a White Hat operation.

I have NEVER EVER heard of anything like it in my life, that Antonov An-225 Mriya and other of the world's absolute largest cargo aircraft is also on the list to be received, in one of the smallest countries in the world, as we speak..

Another weird thing, Storm Malik to buffer Denmark on windy weekend..Malik is a boy name from Greenlandic (with the meaning "wave") and Arabic (with the meaning "King"). It's expected to the the BIG ONE.. 

NOTE: You might wanna look into Janine and Ashley's Deep Dive Friday. They will look into the Physics Attacks (Dark conflicts designed) in the Truth-movement since x-mas of 2021 and personally experiences (ego, boundaries, lifetime enemies, bad vipes, weak spot and unhealed wounds)...

OBS! According to Denmark’s PM Mette Frederiksen will scrap all Covid restrictions before Feb 1st, 2022 - operationdisclosureofficial has said, it's because of what's coming (Dr. Reiner Fuellmich + Nuremberg?)... |