Jan 19, 2022

πŸ’₯πŸ•³️🌊 ~ (Tonga Kamikaze Strikes!) QTrump Military & 'Earth Alliance', friendly Off-worlders & Galactic family is helping us towards victory (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Here is more proof that it was a missile (Hypersonic Weapon or Bunker-Buster) attack that happened in Tonga. The jungle drums are beating with "Tonga" was not an explosive volcanic outbreak in the Pacific, but rather, a targeted missile attack, to destroy a giant Chinese D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Bases), with associated submarine station and tunnels, that went, in all directions. Tarot by Janine is not that clear, but, Benjamin Fulford and Nyla Nguyen (23 minute marker in her video), are, and lots of other truth-seekers... Also, veeery strange that UK military airplane is allowed to travel through Danish airspace, a HUUUGE, detour, towards the corrupt, Ukraine, soon a Russia cleanup... PS: Janine had made a dedicated video on Denmark / Greenland / Monarchy explaining what cards were telling her, about Sex- and Hunting parties, Human Trafficking, Adrenochrome-factory, Maersk line was involved and other nasty stuff... As always, use your own Spiritual Discernment... |

From BF full report: 

Then we saw the release of the following dramatic video of a “massive volcanic eruption in Tonga” 

According to CIA sources in the south Pacific region: “This was a destruction of a massive DUMB with tunnels going in every direction. Notice that a big earthquake occurred in the Sunda Strait, Indonesia as well around the same time. Another DUMB was destroyed.”
Another contact added: “Tonga has some Chinese-owned tunnels and deep submarine access. Thanks to the deep waters that surround the shallow coral shoreline. They have been destroyed.”

We were also able to contact a senior Russian FSB source about the situation in Ukraine who said “We do not want to rule Ukraine, we just want to remove the fascists installed by UN agents like Victoria Nuland.”

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