Jan 2, 2022

๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ”ต ~ (The Matrix's Blue Pill MSM Dependant-Delusional Drug) Swedish study finds that covid vaccines deplete the immune system, INCREASE all-cause mortality by 20% (A Final Warning) ~ | Blogger: [๐Ÿ‘‰1st case of ‘flurona’ reported in Israel- influenza and Covid simultaneously๐Ÿ‘ˆ] .. Rumor has it, Mainstream media (MSM) and it's six corporations, or sometimes only five that supposedly control 90% of our media mind-controlled content, will be that last thing to be completely converted and cleaned out of false news reporting. It's rumored, CNN HQ, has surrendered, but it takes time to rebrand and everything is a chess game of perfect timing for the White Hats... Click on "read more" for all stories about COVID... |


A Swedish study involving four million people raises several red flags concerning covid vaccines and death rates. The preprint paper took a closer look at real world vaccine effectiveness. The study revealed three main issues. The paper found that the vaccine doesn’t offer protection at all. Its so-called protection plunged significantly after six months, even for severe cases of COVID-19. The study doesn’t just show that vaccine effectiveness is waning. It shows that the protection is a fallacy altogether. The study concluded that those who are vaccinated are more likely to be infected and suffer severe disease than people who aren’t vaccinated.


Source: Jim Hoft

A new study in Germany of 4,206 Coronavirus patients found that 4,020 were fully vaccinated individuals.
186 of the Coronavirus patients were unvaccinated.

TRENDING: Video: WHO Head Vows to Vaccinate 70% Of the World by Summer 2022

Germany is 71% vaccinated.
Watch them blame the unvaccinated!



(LifeSiteNews) – A law enacted months before the first reported outbreak of COVID-19 may allow U.S. government agencies to publish falsified data and statistics, including for national security and “law enforcement” purposes.

Previous articles discussed information which suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic may be a falsified pandemic national security “exercise,” “operational exercise,” law enforcement hoax, ruse, ploy, or something similar enacted by the federal government in coordination with international governments.

A method used to determine if the COVID-19 pandemic may possibly be a hoax or something similar was to look at U.S. federal law changes leading up to the reported outbreak of COVID-19 which the reasonable person may see as tip-offs for the government’s plans to falsify a pandemic − or, more generally speaking, tip-offs that the government planned to falsify data, statistics, or other public information during a major national operation.



COVID/Vax Hoax:

  • There’s no FDA approved vaccine available. They’re using the vaccines under the EUA. Here’s proof. People need to stop complying and get a lawyer.
  • Eight top Pfizer, Moderna Shareholders $10 Billion Richer After Media Hypes Omicron Fears.
  • REPORT: Over 95% of Omicron Cases are in Vaccinated People: https://thenationalpulse.com/2021/12/31/vaccinated-21-times-more-likely-to-get-omicron/
  • This is the first time in history that the ineffectiveness of a medicine is being blamed on those who haven’t taken it.” …Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA.
  • The Phizer inoculations for Covid 19 – More HARM than Benefit! Phizer 6 months data shows that the vaccine create more illness than they prevent! Plus an overview of the Phizer process and flawless in both design and execution! Why this data analysis can’t be shared with the US nation? I strongly advise you to keep yourself and your children away from this dangerous experiment!
  • This video will show you all the flaws that Phizer vaccine is having!! Only HARM no Benefit! https://t.me/Real_JudyMikovits
  • Dr. Kary Mullis Tried to Expose Fauci and the AIDS Controversy for 30 Years. “Thirty years ago, Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Health, made a name for himself by pushing for higher doses of the deadly drug AZT, an old cancer chemotherapy too dangerous for approval, onto AIDS patients. Dr. Mullis was hired to measure HIV in people’s blood samples with his PCR. He was working under the premise that HIV was the probable cause of AIDS. But when he went looking for the proof, there was none. They just made it up. ‘This whole thing is a big sham’ -Dr. Mullis”
  • Pfizer’s revenue could reach $101.3 Billion in 2022…!  It’s all about the money, not your health.
  • Paris: Tensions on the Champs-Elysees where nearly 100,000 people gathered despite Covid ban. Protests also in Israel.

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