Jan 27, 2022

๐Ÿ‘ผ ~ ๐Ÿ’— ('It's time to stop these ones right in their tracks.') An Urgent Message for the Lightworker Collective (Voyages of Light) ๐Ÿ’• ~ | Blogger: Thanks to PAO / Galactic Heart, Colleen & Sheldon Nidle, for sharing is caring... |


Greetings, dearest lightcrew. As most of you are already aware, the negative entities who have ruled of our planet for eons are currently on their last legs of last legs. Their plandemic didn't go as well as they'd planned, and nearly all of their weather warfare (and other exotic) weapons have been taken away from them. They're grasping at straws, straws that sound a whole lot like World War 3, Civil War, or what-else-have-you. And while such attempts will be thwarted faster than their very wildest imaginings, they still have some manpower / firepower left with them to wreak some amount of havoc (and chaos) here and there. You've all seen what these folks have been up to in Ukraine lately, as also have you seen the element of violence being introduced by these ones in anti vax-passport / anti-lockdown protests in places such as Brussels etc.

It's time to stop these ones right in their tracks.

So I invite you all to join the global mass meditations for world peace, love and light that are currently happening every four hours -- at 12:30 AM UTC; 4:30 AM UTC; and 8:30 AM UTC; as well as at 12:30 PM UTC; 4:30 PM UTC; and 8:30 PM UTC. You can also find the requisite Time Zones for some of the biggest cities around the globe at https://bit.ly/3ACiygH

If you're new to mass meditations, worry not. All you even need to do in here is to firstly choose one (or more) of the given meditation timings provided above -- although if no timing given above works for you at all, just join in at the timing that suits you best. Once done, simply find a comfortable and relaxing place to sit / sleep / stand. As an entirely optional thing, you can create a 'meditation mood' using incense, flowers, and/or by playing some soft instrumental or Tibetan Healing music on your headphones (or speakers). Fantastic selections of such music are freely available on YouTube and elsewhere.

Once done, just relax yourself (close your eyes if you wish to), and INTEND (verbally or mentally) that this meditation is for bringing the Light of PEACE, LOVE, Compassion and Forgiveness upon the ENTIRE planet, with special focus on Russia and Ukraine at this time. Then, simply imagine / visualize global peace in whatever ways that work the best for you. You can either imagine Love and Peace descending upon Planet Earth as a brilliant White / Golden / Pink / Multicoloured / Colour-Of-Your-Choice light, or you can simply imagine people coming together and hugging it out. You can imagine soldiers dropping weapons and joining hands and hearts instead, and you can imagine nature joyfully restoring the energies of peace through beauty, flowers, clouds, and what-else-have-you. Imagine walls and barriers between people breaking and joys being shared. All up to you as to how you'd like to visualize / imagine this!

More importantly, FEEL as if all of this was happening right NOW, right in FRONT OF YOU. FEEL into the JOY you feel upon seeing these visuals and images and incidences play out in front of you. And then, simply KNOW that what you've willed for, is DONE. Because indeed, you ARE THAT powerful!!!

*ONE LAST but SUPER IMPORTANT thing: BE SURE to invite ALL higher dimensional beings and energies (God, Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Galactics etc.) to support you in whatever ways they can during this meditation and amplify your energies and intentions INFINITELY for the greatest good of ALL in the most incredible ways beyond your very wildest imaginings! It's FREE and (immensely!) POWERFUL help, so go make the MOST of it! Note that you have to specifically ASK for this as the Higher Dimensional Ones will NOT intervene in these matters without your explicit FREE WILL permission as per DIVINE LAW. So do note that part.

FINALLY, PLEASE do freely SHARE this message across ALL of your Social Media profiles, Spiritual Communities (both online and offline), and what-else-have-you! Feel free to bring the topic up in your conversations with like-minded / open-minded friends, family members, neighbours etc. and spread the word like wild-fire! (who says we can't fight fire with fire?)

In INFINITE Love, Light and Gratitude,
- Don Spectacularis

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