Jan 8, 2022

🧊💣✨ ~ (Greenland quakes M5,2 DUMBs destroyed: Seat of the successors last Roman Emperor - Vatican & Greenland) Situation Update: The War Is Already Won! False Flag From Space! Cirsten W. RIP! Russian Troops Moving In! Jab Passport Is Remote Tracing! (We The People News) ~ | Blogger: [👉Please be careful we lost a dear sister yesterday Cirsten W. was put in the hospital and passed away or murdered in California atl costs we must not go to the hospital!! ~ bestnewshere👈] ... SoTW has aded a direct link to (rumble) and the Word Doc... As always, looong video and report, she's mentioning Simon Parkes reports and the critical phase we're entering until 19/20th of January 2022 (starts at 1 hour and 15 minute marker until the end)... Please pay attention to 30 minute in and destructions of the enormous DUMBS and the connection tunnels which are the connection in the LayLine to South America conducted in ten kilometer, which is a "fixed depth" for the White Hats to use and set explosive charges removing DUMBs. PS: As Tarot by Janine said, Greenland, is or was a "hotspot" for Danish and foreign Cabal leaders "playground" (Adrenochrome Harvest / Child Trafficking / Sex orgies + Ancient Thule Society etc.). Berlin, the epicenter being in the center of Berlin under a building on a street shaped like a Swastika (major city quakes are really rare)... 45-62 minute marker, reports from latest Benjamin Fulford-Full report, that includes Betty White AKA {Snow White Witch} top satanist, Barbara Bush and Betty White are the daughters of Aleister Crowley etc... C. President George W. Bush Convicted of War Crimes, Hanged at GITMO (many sources including roserambles.org)... NOTE: links to Telegrams and MSM outlets is SoTW own newest report from January 8th of 2022. Denmark and NATO evil Cabal ready to go to war with Russia, is BS and they will loose big time, if they did. Remember, QTrump-Team, is still Commander in Chief... |




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