Jan 16, 2022

🆘⚠️🌊 ~ (Follow the water: 1-3 foot waves expected - thank god! Only boats confirmed drowning!) EMERGENCY ALERT!! MASSIVE UNDER WATER VOLCANO TRIGGERS TSUMANI OFF THE WEST COAST HITTING CALIFORNIA (Off Grid Desert Farming with Paul & Adrienne) ~ | Blogger: Weekend warnings about Tsunamis in several countries, including Fiji, Vanuatu, Chile, Samoa, Australia, Japan, Hawaii, California and Alaska in the United States... You gotta looove (NOOOT) YouTube and GoogleGöringGestapo for being so effective censoring everything. YouTube is censoring 'normal discourse' & punishing those who fight back - "Dangerous material", means that YouTube's overseers have, turned the knob on their censorship algorithms to high with world most advanced AI filters & AI algorithms. And guess what, ex-PM Danish Helle Thorning-Schmidt got herself a million dollar contract to be the general of monitoring of Facebook... YouTube link is still working if you wanna catch latest news... PS: Go to Jese Tuisinu's tweets to see more LIVE actions... |



Acid rain could be the next threat Tongan 🇹🇴 residents face in the coming days after the volcanic eruption wreaked havoc on the island yesterday. pic.twitter.com/WiYGiRQUje

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