Jan 31, 2022

✋πŸ˜”πŸ’Ÿ ~ (Can you feel it? Evils of black magic to shut down heart-to-hearth Truth-movement) lf you pick up on a feeling of depression in the air directly resulting from the world in turmoil - prices going up, threat of war in the Ukraine, media coverup and nuke has been dropped on the SSP / UFO Spiritual community and more (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: It gives me no pleasure to report this, but my blog on verdensalt.dk is also about delivering news, which is not pleasant. This issue has been addresses to proper channels within the Simon/Becky spiritual organization and you can make of it what you want. Just returned yesterday from a 2 hour-meeting with a heavy or negative opinion poll among the attendees, about our future scope. As you know, I see things differently on SoTW. I see a kickass Planetary Liberation in April of 2022 and forward, however, the evils henchman, wish to bring us down to our knee's in depression and confusion, so here is; Simon (Dr. Charlie Ward, Doug Billings) has been attacked from all angles right now, like so many well-spoken spiritual individuals, it's been going on for years and years, more intensified as we speak. It started with Tarot by Janine (i believe) who has felt chased after Simon has "indirect" mentioned her and Utsava. Janine, has chosen, along with Jean Claude, completely throwing Simon on the gate. She has otherwise defended him for many years, she says. It also has something to do with General Flynn, especially with Utsava, Lin Wood etc. etc. - is also out after Simon, in that regard.. Michael Jaco, now deleted his original video, has said, that Simon, is a kind of energy-vampire and Jaco claims he has heard rumors of Simon, for 1.5 years now, that has attacking women, perhaps refereeing to (Janine etc.) with "Astral Rape" or/and "Rape" and/or "Psychic Attack". Jordan Sather has been spearhead on a lot of things for many years, and followed him since he emerged and became Mega popular, perhaps for famous and spiritual ego? I have talked about Mr. Sather before, he is out, calling Simon, all kinds of bad names during several videos and claims about fake NESARA made by Simon for money and Clickbait's etc... As always, please use your own Spiritual Discernment.

Do not attack anybody... A Storm is Comin... We all need to stand together.... Whether You like it or Not... Be vigilant... Be Prepared and Safe... Don't panic... Expect the Unexpected... 


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