Jan 25, 2022

πŸ“½️🍿😠 ~ (Angry at White Hats - part of the Movie?) Phil Godlewski VIDEO 1-23-22… “The Cocktail” (& Tarot by Janine’s look at his message) ~ |

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Some may view this as a rather “sad” type message, but Tarot by Janine had an alternative view of Phil’s video. Phil’s intel begins at approx. 1 hour in.

One key intel point was that, even though it might seem not to be so, the January timeline (for this to end?) is still “on”.

I suggest listening at 1.5 – 2x speed, as Phil often speaks “deliberately”.

“Phil tells the unfortunate story of his Grama’s short battle with Covid-19, and the circumstances surrounding her death. He then drops another key piece of intel to his followers, before taking a brief Q&A.”

New to Phil? Go to philgodlewski.live for a 1-stop-shop of all Phil’s platforms, businesses, and social media links.

Tarot By Janine is out of YouTube jail…A little check in, Truckers convoy goes through Calgary, huge send off even though it was early! What did you think of Phil’s latest live-Cocktail…interesting! Sending you Ravens!

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