Jan 24, 2022

♛🌱💖 ~ (5d Chess Game King Trump, Queen Melania, Military & The Vatican City, The City of London & The District of Columbia!) GREEN LIGHT, MILITARY, HOLLYWOOD, QUEEN, QFS ~ | Blogger: Michelle Fielding is channeling and working with Commander Ashtar from The Galactic Federation, so she claim, and like Elena, if you do not believe in that construct, this video might not be for you, in my humble opinion... As you might have guessed, Nicholas Veniamin and Michelle Fielding, is extremely popular and I totally agree with Michelle, our focus need to be centered on the new evolved world, to be, in the future... Buuutt, here on SoTW, I'm entitled to my opinion... And i'm sorry, but all this nonsense about King & Queen Trump family and Melania, is the "woman" we're all been waiting for the next "Queen of chess", before HU-manity are able to move on, i don't buy into that. Yes, the next president of the new republic in America, will most likely be a woman, I've asked my higher self 5 times, could be someone prominent woman, OUTSIDE any political party. My guess is return of Princesses Diana or a well-known and liked, business-woman. Anyway, 'Trust the Plan', dear patriots, doesn't mean, 'Trust the Man'. Trump has been a big piece of puzzle, but not coming back. Trump was a wild-card and working behind the scene, yes, but military operations are also conducted by off-worlders. And then the whole thing about Joe Biden, is not stepping down in the public eye, but maintained inside the fake White House in the next 3-5 years, with a hidden new political structure being set in place, outside the WH. I do not buy into that either. My higher self told me Joe Biden is steeping down in April, perhaps it's stupid to think that it's even possible, but we HAVE to see some "actions-cards" being played out into the public, or people will loose faith. I do not expect to convince my mother or friends of anything, but, the "fastest sleepers" have to experience the "devolution" with their five senses or into their faces, not only by secret military operations and years of waiting. WE ARE READY NOW!... |


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