Jan 24, 2022

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (Semper Supra: 1st episode of a new educational series, Galactic Basics) GALACTIC BASICS Ep 01 -GALAXIES AND STAR SYSTEMS (Jan 23 2022-7pm EST) ~ | Blogger: OBS! For some easy-to-understand, others, extremely difficult. I got a lot of help by Cobra RM and variants by Spiritual & Ufology community. As far as I remember, in Cobra School, we're been taught that, Earth in particular, in the physical realm our Sun (Milky Way) is connected to the Central Suns, our own Central Sun is Alcyone, from the Pleiadian Star System that we are part of. Elena Danaan sees it differently, as I understand it... Here on SoTW, I'll imagine it like this; The Cosmic Central race or The Central Civilization or The Creator Race, call them what you wish, is the most advanced ancient race which has evolved around the Cosmic Central Sun and basically, our creators... Okay... The Omniverse, also referred to as the greater Omniverse or Overvoid. is the embodiment of Existence itself and is the collection of every Multiverse, universe and dimension that ever came to exist, actually exists and will ever exist in the future... If you wish to visualize the "creator"-beings and get their attention, all the way from the Cosmic Central race emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, which is the (Master) Sun of them all, it's a extremely and unfathomable loong way. How so? Well, Imagine Earth, connecting yourself with all Light Forces above the surface, below the surface, and on the surface of the planet Earth with a flower of life mandala or whatever, you wish to send. Then you expand going to all known planets in our solar system, then going through the Sirius stargate, next going through Alcyone Pleiadian stargate, next through the Galactic Central Sun, then being dispersed through Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe and lastly, the Cosmic Central Sun. So you see, it's not that easy to get their attention, since millions of other civilizations are above, below or equal, as our own itchy bitchy tinnie winnie Planet Earth and our Solar system.. Anyways, I truly believe my nearest galactic family is the Pleiadeans, so I AM of course connected to Pleiades (/Alcyone) but that's a another matter entirely... |


Welcome to this first episode of my new educational series, Galactic Basics. This month, we will learn about the birth of stars, planetary systems and galaxies. How do we position ourselves into the great cosmos? What is our place in the Milky Way?

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