Dec 17, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸ’»πŸ’ŠπŸ•Ά️ ~ (Welcome to the 12 Days of MatriXmas) Neo: Happy Holidays We See You In The MATRIX ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰'DECEMBER is the month for massive changes and leads up to extraordinaire spiritual paradigm shift in JANUARY AND FEBRUARY because so many astrological events are occurring all at once.' ~ SoTWπŸ‘ˆ] ... We have now pasted DECEMBER 15 - Actor Joe Biden was suppose to step down, (damn it) but his "handlers" are still ruling the Cabal (from a public perspective) while he signs debt ceiling increase - preventing first-ever US default (D.C is bankrupted. Corporation does not exist anymore. Illegal for Congress to pass this)... DECEMBER 16 - Beijing court rules Bitcoin mining contracts invalid and Melania Trump pitches NFT Crypto plans (strange)... DECEMBER 21 - Mass-meditation and Divine Intervention Activation (Cobra2012blog)... DECEMBER 20-23 - Yule - winter solstice (also last Illuminati occult harvesting)... DECEMBER 22 - The Matrix Resurrections (to wake more people up and reveal more secrets)... DECEMBER 24 - 25. THE CHRISTMAS PROCLAMATION (Jesus Christ WAS NOT born on December 25th! Born in the spring equinox date of the creation of the world and the fourth day of creation, when the light was created, as the day of Jesus' conception (i.e., March 25)... PS: That date March 25, plus some years, 2025, was suppose to be the project end for China-Corona-Corporation (and their aggressive Dark Alliance off-worlders)... NOTE: Still (nothing) from Simon Parkes (quiet as a mouse same as CC members)... |

 "The eclipse on December 4th was the kickoff. Astrology wise, 30-31 days of December, a land mine that is about to explode. This degree point is close to the fixed star Antares, which is associated with war like activities" ~ by Joni Patry (newsletter)

{Joe Biden Actually Said This — ‘Winter of Death is coming for the Unvaccinated’}

As of December 10, the CDC said it had received 14 reports of myocarditis among children aged 5-11 years old who received the shot. Of these, it said eight reports – involving four boys and four girls – met the agency’s “working case definition” for the inflammation.

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