Nov 15, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (Semper Supra: For anyone who love SSP &) Intro to Introducing Our Star Family (GAOG) ~ | Blogger: Strange as it may sound, the country i'm vaca, has been blocked by the govt or ISP (full document added had to use my 4G mobile internet sharing many hours of intel).. Nomatter, you might also wanna watch Tarot By Janine with a never-seen-before video on SSP (due to her webadmin "Guy" is crazy about SSP like SoTW)... Other videos of interest has been added like from "Divergent" called "Germany & Antarctica & Agartha" and the history herby (haven't seen this longer video made by this spanish/english speaking or? "fellow") ... A special crop circle welcomes Humanity to the 5th Dimension... Lastly, ITS ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN - ADRENOCHROME - message from Special Forces from "D.U.M.B.S and Underground War" telegram and a video... |


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There are three events that lightworkers are waiting for – the Reval, Ascension, and Disclosure.

The Reval is the re-evaluation of currencies that will provide lightworkers who participate with the funds to begin humanitarian projects. (1)

Ascension is the raising of our collective vibration to a point where one of the Divine Mother’s created environments (the Third Dimension) recedes from view and we find ourselves in a totally-different, love-suffused environment on one of a number of higher dimensions.

Disclosure is the disclosure of the existence and intimate partnership of our star family with us and that brings us to the present book.

This book is about Disclosure but it goes on within an environment that is experiencing a gradual Ascension, punctuated by enlightening events like the Singularity (2) and Ascension itself. (3)

What does our star family tell us about ourselves? We’re a specially designed race of homo sapiens, created by star civilizations like the Pleiadians and Sirians to inhabit a world created by the Mother for her angels to experience love in a physical setting.

The Third Dimension is the lowest rung of the ladder on which one be conscious and have a form. It’s only up from here. And “up” is where they come from – higher dimensions, our future.

Many look like us because the human or Adam Kadmon template is common throughout the multiverse. Until we become accustomed to them, those who don’t look like us are kept a distance away from Earth so as not to unhinge us.

We find out here that some extraterrestrial races are not so friendly too but they’re kept away from Earth by the galactic federations.

Disclosure cannot take place so long as the population might panic and the deep state is doing all it can to encourage that. Hence the channeled communication from the galactics, the flybys and appearances, the monoliths, and all the other evidences of their presence.

What we can do is to familiarize ourselves as much as possible with everything we can know about them so that we’re not take aback when they appear. People seem to look around at a time like this and see how others were reavting. Our calmness could convince others that the situation is OK.

And it’s to help with that that this book is written.


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Download here: Introducing our Star Family at” title=”Introducing Our Star Family R3


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