Dec 21, 2021

👉👑🤐 ~ (Re-he-he-heally? Susan Astani as neighbour: 'Many locals warned us of rumors going around on Epstein's island and reputation as a sex offender.') Ghislaine Maxwell was ‘a sophisticated predator,’ a prosecutor says (NYTimes) ~ | Blogger: Where is Epstein tapes? And how come, nobody is allowed to get all the dirty names and secrets from Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’???... Firstly, not all filthy rich people are dirty, rotten scoundrels. Buuutt, the uber rich is a very small numbered 'cult' in the "know" about true good deeds and very bad deeds, trust me on this. I for one, have serious doubt about billionaire Christian Kjær, who sold his Island to Epstein (unknowingly so they claim) for 143 million danish kroner, in the nick of time and his wife, is trying to protect the "empire" by posting articles in the danish MSM outlets from here to Neverland. Mr. Kjær was one of deceased (rumored gay) Henrik, Prince Consort best friends, who frequently visited, Mr. Kjær's island, later, the billionaire, was deprived from his royal titles, like (kammerherre) Queen's Lord Chamberlain, (hofjægermester) Master of the Hunt and Freemasonic Knight Templar Cross aka Order of the Dannebrog etc. (because of sentenced to a conditional imprisonment). Rumors of Prince Henrik, was engaged sexually with boys and Queen-Daisy, with woman. There was rumored ordered "special" cleaning crew after horrific stories about disgusting sexparties that went on at a specific Hotel in Greenland and much worse things that danish monarchy was involved in, like, taken "party-substance" made from children (Tarot by Janine)... ❤️‍🩹PS: I, SoTW, only care about Truth and Justice, Protection of the Weak-minded People and/or Innocent Children and what is good for Humanity and all Sentinel Beings on Mother GAIA... |

"One of whom, the Danish well-known lawyer and billionaire FLSmidth heir, Christian Kjær, stated: "Those who wanted to visit the ruins of an old brothel from the time of the slaves came to my island, Great St. James, while those who wanted to go to an active brothel, went to Little St. James" ~ Christian Kjær 

{»Christian plejede at sige, at de, som ønskede at besøge ruiner fra et gammelt bordel fra slavernes tid, kom til vores ø, mens de, der ønskede at tage til et aktivt bordel, tog til Little St. James,« - Susan Astani}

"The proof is here. That is clear. It is consistent, and it only points to one conclusion: Maxwell is guilty, "it sounded from Moe according to Independent and Inner City Press that blogs from the trial.

I have a thousand of questions and no answers... 

Did you know, that newly released photo shows Epstein, Maxwell relaxing at Queen of England’s Royal Cabin? And befriended Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit who confirms ties to Epstein aaand Miss Sweden Eva Andersson-Dubin (Who DENIES having Orgies with Teen Girls)

And Susan Astani & Christian Kjær were neighbors to Epstein’s Pedophile Island AND THEY KNEW N-O-T-H-I-N-G!. 

C'mon give me break.

Even, Mr. Trump must have known, what went on, they were "party pals", for christ sake. 

Former president Clinton, taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” -- even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights, according to records obtained by | as a little joke or is it? 


"In the past, The Danish Monarch, was a deep state cult, a stronghold, fighting NOT to be taking down. In particular Queen Margrethe II is fighting to have her "lifestyle" and it's gonna take some time, before it could be cleaned out by white hats but will be brought to justice - within 6 months it looks like from the cardsThere's is a lot of children taking out of there, a lot of it is happening underground, as Janine can see. There might be human hunting parties and the land should be taken away from them if their land is used for that purpose. This Queen is born a male and that is a big sign of cult families and it goes back many satanic cult generations. The White Hats are here in Denmark to infiltrate, but it's a big big mess and it took them awhile to get there! The Royal family is really hanging on to their "lifestyle" - their "reality"  and considers us danes as cattle! There's a battle between the Good guys and Bad guys control, and the Good guys still have a  ALOT of work to do there!" ~ Janine


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