Dec 4, 2021

🌠 ~ πŸ’— (WLMM about to go LIVE + New Cobra SoTR Interview) Dec 4th Solar Divine Intervention Activation Booster massmeditation + Cobra RM with Sisterhood of the Rose Interview (SoTW) πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: Please use your own spiritual discernment, since SoTW still not sure if Cobra RM (and his American spouse) since before Isis Astara, has transmuted into Light. I did go to Cobra School used to be in the higher echelons of this spiritual organization with many empowerments initiations and courses and cord. of DK-SoTR. My ex-girlfriend, and a few core followers and myself, has heard rumors, seen things, that will not go away. I will not deep dive into more bad experiences about this organization, have already done that on Just stay grounded, respecting others spiritual beliefs and look at, and treat all, our beautiful people around us, with unconditional love... |

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