Dec 4, 2021

πŸ› ️πŸ€–πŸ†˜ ~ (Biden admin refuses to ban killer robots!) Meet Ameca: 'World's most advanced' humanoid robot is unveiled in a UK lab with eerily realistic facial expressions and movements (D.ONLINE) ~ | Blogger: I'm not that frighten, since SSP has had advanced humanoid androids for decades... Here at verdensalt, i'll always been fascinated with the notion that super-advanced military SSP application 80 light-years ahead of its earthly competitors exist, perhaps because of my host-dad injected some trauma in my mind, waaay back in the late 80s first trip to U.S.A. as foreign exchange student, was awesome. Best trip ever and been there many times since then, talking to military contractors, spiritual leaders, conferences and what have you... Well, my first host dad freaked me out though, back in 1988, he claimed to work as security detail or security contractors to NASA or 3-letter agency, advanced robotics division, hard to remember. When he told me about the stuff he saw with his own eyes on advanced robotics, military secrets, i couldn't believe it. I was 18 years old and he actually scared the bejesus outta me...Sooo, i'm a eccentric or odd person?. A kook, nutbag, nutter, odd duck, wacko, weirdo?... Maybe, but I do beleive classified UFO program that involved a clandestine corporate effort to reverse engineering a retrieved extraterrestrial spacecraft back in 1947 resulted into a military space agency, that's beyond our wildest dreams, bigger than Star Trek & Star Wars - all together... The military has always been at the cutting edge of technology, and years or decades before, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, are able to buy it at a store, and many time never-ever been cleared, to the public. Just imagine how advanced robotics could be, if a even more secret organisation, MIC-SSP, has develop out-of-this-world unimaginable A.I. systems, just under 100 years time (ago)... |

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