Dec 27, 2021

🎴🔮💖 ~ ('Good guys in control shadow governing & puppeting all governments to speed up their agendas to put it really in your face.' Janine ) TAROT BY JANINE SHARES WHAT SHE ‘S BEEN WATCHING, AND LOOKS AT SOME PhIL INTEL (Sending Ravens with Tarot by Janine) ~ | Blogger: Janine also thinks coronavirus myth that this virus, called SARS-CoV-2, was engineered in a lab by humans and let loose accidentally... Here on SoTW i do not care, what they did, since, no government on Earth has proven, that the virus has been isolated and therefore, have no proof, that it exist. It has always been to create a distraction for a global killing-vaccine-agenda. Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Brother to create a world of transhumanism and transcendence digital age of government runs a centralized mandatory mass surveillance program by integrating different facial recognition and social scoring systems scorecard, that endangers our freedom, human rights and free will. Of course it's not that simple. There's a video out that suggest, Vaccines has nano-routers or nanobots besides Graphene oxide and other synthetic living parasites. Maybe, but I have to look at a positive future and do not think, all the vaccines are dangerous anymore. In the start yes, it was the ONLY gateway to SkyNet, 5G, and SmartPhones was digital ID(2020) all-in-one pasport-banking-crypto-wallet(whatever)... |


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