Dec 8, 2021

🌊🔮🃏 ~ ('A DEC to RMB: Big Pharma's Three Gorges Dam 'Black Swan event' will trigger everything.') TAROT BY JANINE IS LOOKING AT RECENT INTEL DROP,-IS IT TRUE 😃(Tarot by Janine) ~ | Blogger: Sound familiar? Apparently, Janine has no clue who Alex Collier is, that SoTW have been followed like forever and meet IRL. And I do agree too, that what Alex told us in the latest webinar was mind-blowing. I will share a partly transcripted version of key points... PS: You might wanna listen to Joni Patry (Vedic Astrology) new video "Kala Sarpa Yoga Dec 15 - Apr 24 2022" (gran finale)... |

👽🖖🌌 ~ (Matrix system exist nomore. DS been Defeated. Reptilian-Rothschilds hunted down! Quantum Internet going online end Dec.) 17th *LIVE* Question & Answer Webinar (Alex Collier Official) 💕~ | Blogger: Intel from Alex 1st 15 minutes of the LIVE webinar before Q&A started as I remembered; 🔛 Mid-December will be vital to see where we will go 🔛 Quantum Internet going online end December 🔛 Three Gorges Dam 'Black Swan event' will trigger everything (RV transfer of wealth + Med Beds + expanding of freedom etc.) 🔛 Earth Quakes & Mystical Site Colorado taking down DUMBs (check Gene Decode) 🔛 There's not going to be a war with Russia or China - it's all White Hate Ops hunting down Reptilian-Rothschilds and Gangbuster since their bloodline is not allowed to exist anymore 🔛 Alex talks about so many diff. virusses has not been isolated. Polio death came with (Salk) Vaccine and heavy metal (with known neurotoxic effects on human and animal nervous systems) 🔛 Omnicom only transmit through your MSM and TV-set 😉 Alex suggested to watch Christine Massey reveals to the Health Ranger & newest Stew Peters show with? (cannot recall) 🔛 The Iraqi Dinar has a new rate (over $11.90 USD) that went International on Mon.29 Nov. He also goes on with other currencies. Vietnamese dong is unknown 🔛 US remaining troops is about to leave Iraq - to declare total sovereignty nation. GCR Iraq has also been the first country to go with new currency 🔛 All of the Middle East nations conflicts has forgiven and all friends now due to the GCR 🔛 Alex reading from a (another) paper he got from a friend in the military about Med Beds. They are uncertainty and still in question in regards if it's possible to treat "20 and back" program and also Supersoldiers SSP Age-Regression. Everyone will be treated equally in the Med Beds. Vaccine injuries and other illnesses. Worst cases first 🔛 Star Nations, like The Andromeda Galaxy is here and now ready to participate in the Planetary Liberation of Earth... |

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