Nov 19, 2021

๐ŸŽด๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ˜ฎ ~ ('Snatch and Grab' for jab in Aus. The EU Royal Moloch Bunch is going down) DAVID MAHONEY DISCUSSES OPERATIONAL LONDON BRIDGE WITH NICHOLAS VENIAMIN (Nicholas Veniamin) ~ | Blogger: Great 20 minutes to spend (for most awakened) people.... Most desturbing in this video, and besides the positive facts about the "bad" people are getting arrested, is there's a lots of chatter about the Australian military is being trained in urban warfare going from house-2-house, door-2-door and bush-situation (backwoods or hinterland - lucky that Max Igan got out in the nick of time), using 'Snatch and Grab' techniques against people to force the jap (or new corona medicine) into people. If they succeed, and all the worldly leaders are in cahoots with the (Corona-Corporation) and The Build Back Better framework, the military operation will expand to the rest of the world, according to David Mahoney, if you believe in that stuff... SECOND thing, of importance is about Queen-Lizzie, who David Mahoney thinks are dead already, (so does SoTW and many others). The codename Operation London Bridge (is down or falling) is primarily refers to events that would take place in the United Kingdom, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II... And it's getting very, very interesting, according to David Mahoney and for people who don't know, Prince William and Prince Harry are NOT biological children of Prince Charles and words is out, when the Queen is announced dead, and the day after the Queen's death, the flags will go back up, and at 11am, Charles will (be bypassed) be proclaimed king. But that's not gonna happen, so basically, there's no longer any true bloodline heir. What that means is, that the whole house of (Royal flush) cards will fall and the moloch bunch of EU's Monarchy, the Masonic & Freemason Norway, Holland and Denmark, is also mention here... Waaaaauv!... How about that!... ⚠️NOTE: Simon Parkes breaking latest intel (outside this report) - Biden has suspected cancer, is currently undergoing tests, and has passed command to Harris while in Hospital. - Vice President Harris about to be removed (Whaaaat - both gone who is the sitting US President then???)... |

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