Nov 13, 2021

๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐ŸŒŒ ~ (Semper Supra: Asking for our ET friends for help) Beyond Endtime Madness (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Strange world or universe, we're living in, if you ask me... Dr Salla is blasting the internet with his webinar bestsellers, telling everyone, how great he is for humanity and Megan Rose is out in a huge book selling spree about her childhood experiences where she was abducted at ages six and nine by Gray (Nebu) and Reptilian extraterrestrials. Elena Danaan, has taken time off because she's apparently encountering The Nine beautiful and powerful shock wave to her consciousness she need to handle... Amazon’s Bezos, yes the guy who apparently left Mother GAIA traveling with Musk and Branson and The Earth Alliance mission to Ganymede, predicts only limited number of people will get to remain on Earth, he told Mainstream media? What a crazy thing to say, really without backing it up with real intel from our Star family!... Mr. Musk loses $50 BILLION in TWO DAYS after twitter poll - what's that about? Assigned by QTrump team and off-worlders to enable the Texas underground free energy Tesla power plant, but no EBS, no QFS, no Free energy = absolutely NOTHING in the mainstream or alternative media. Nothing is going on and we still need to be patience, waiting and waiting... MUFON urgent newsletter blast from executive director David Macdonald to all mufon members, field investigators and the general public who follow mufon is about Democratic Senator from New York State Kirsten Gillibrand introduced legislation to establish, by amendment to a pending bill, the creation of a permanent office for UFO Investigations within the Federal Government. Whaaat! Should we suddenly believe in the DNC tower of lies together with the The Clinton White House Dr Greer gang and Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Laurance Rockefeller Initiative?... ANYWAYS, latest from Earthly news -- Acc. to Simon Parkes, UK police has been called back to London on temporary assignment and some other military units now shared barracks with London military units. Police speculate that it's something to do with the Queen. Russian Igor Danchenko has been arrested by order of Durham for lying to FBI agents about the Steel dossier... PS: (picture) I wish, I wish, this was my female pleiadian Twin-Flame looking after my best interest, until I'll meet her again...|

The Moon has enough oxygen for 8 billion people, claimed by scientists! Is that just beneath the surface or inside the hollow moon?  In 1970, two Soviet astronomers had been studying the satellite and theorized that it was likely a hollow moon put in place by a highly-advanced extraterrestrial race...

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