Nov 27, 2021

๐ŸฆŽ๐Ÿ•ณ️⛆ ~ (Positive Military Earth Alliance flooding of Dark Hat DUMBs) DEEP DIVE INTO THE SITUATION WITH THE FLOODING IN WESTERN NORTH AMERICA! (Who, What & Where!) (Tarot by Janine) ~ | Blogger: Alex Collier in yesterday's live webinar mentioned the "less" aggressive reptilians (worst has already been removed) who was located in Canada (DUMBs) where people has never set a foot, and other places in the world... Alex, honestly don't give two kahoots about the royal family at all, so it seem, but SoTW thinks, it's vital, "when", Queen-Lizzie, will be announced dead... As you might have heard, many atmospheric rivers to bomb British Columbia and more very strange flooding ahead again, that has swept away roads and railways... |

Check out Tarot by Janine's new video where she does a reading for Deep Dive Fridays looking into situation with the super flooding going on? What's really going on there? Who's behind the smoke screen not allowing info to get out? And why? Join in! 

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