Nov 2, 2021

♻️🤥🤦 ~ (LEGEND for exposing the outright medical corruption of the EU & Global governments!) While so-called "leaders of the people" speaks of horrifying reality of climate changes, the "Fastest Sleepers" in the Elite "Normie Land" with facemask or not, for "show", having themselves a "Microsleep" (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉In the meanwhile, Climate Hypocrites Gates & Bezos talk Carbon Footprint but have GUZZLER party in Turkey👉] ... AND then of course, we have this "free" woman German MEP, Christine Anderson and this "free" MEP, Cristian-Vasile Terheş, Romanian national - two 'solos' out of a THOUSOUND politicians who dares to speak up! Who rejects the vakkZines and supporting The Rights of Workers Against The Mandatory Digital Certificates (I forgot, Ricardo Bozey, The national lead of Australia One)... SoTW has heaped its followers on bad news weeks after week out over the past 19 months, since, the Plan[Demic] Corona[Scare] started. There's been a long way between the bright spots, but now maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel? Actually, I do NOT "trust" any politicians in the world, that includes Mr. Trump (a 'wildcard' to wake up people - but no more). Trump was and will not again be president - maybe - appointed on an intermittent basis only, until the REAL president or the First President of the New Republic, will step out from the "shadow government" that is now in White Hats control... |

🤫PS: Rumor has it, The family of Gates of Hell, was "executed or hanged" in July 29, 2013 or after, they left 496,000 Indian children paralyzed from polio-vaxx and other nasty stuff, many died. Another bizarre rumor, about Robin Williams acting as Melinda Gates? Anyways, Megan and Elena confirms that Bezos, Branson & Musk secretly travel to Jupiter for negotiations / agreement with the Galactic Federation. So, apparently according to Dr. Salla and other sources, Bezos, is now one of the "good" guys, after promising to give away his entire empire to help HU-manity?...You have to Believe it Before You can See it - right?... | 

From the sinking ship on COP15     -    Makeover    -   Baby-Lars Løkke Rasmussen - I'm a man of the world 

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