Nov 12, 2021

✊🤪🔫 ~ (Going from bad to worse but It’s really very very simple!) Just say 'NO' in a polite manner. I'm fighting for your kind of quiet, ignorance & naivety. Three short videos kinda sums up the "show" or "movie" nicely (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Sorry folks! I'm out of town or country! Taken in the vitamin D from sunlight in a absolutely amazing place, just next to beachroad to paradise and Tequila Sun(rises) with a bad internet connection, unfortunately... You might have notice the 1st-ever nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated is on the cards, in Austria, ready to impose a 2G two-tier lockdown, but only for B-citizens (the dangerous unvaxxed conspiratours). Danish PM are looking into doing the same thing. Danish govt has approved any employer over any employee to able to sack any workers, if they refuse to show an approved Coronapass (Digital Green Certificate or vaccinecard), before entering work. Total against the Nuremberg Code. That is not true says our beloved "controllers"; The Nuremberg Code specifically addresses experimentation; COVID-19 vaccines aren’t experimental, and therefore, don’t violate the Code ( yeah right).. A.P. Møller-Maersk and Novo Nordisk, two of Denmark's largest multinational corporations, with total of 100.000 employees has been looking into the possibility of securing vaccines for its employees outside Denmark, since January 2021 and now it's become their law. Danish govt had agreed to their laws.. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has released its latest evaluation of the EU’s Covid situation today, expressing “very high concern” in relation to 10 countries as the virus tears through the region... Europe facing 500,000 more Covid deaths by February, WHO warns... As I explained many times, our "controllers" will fight until there's only one man standing with bloody hands crying and confused still refusing the defeats. It's like the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) and the famous Black Knight scene loses his limbs in a duel, still fighting "tis but a scratch - It's just a flesh wound…" . My soul-buddy-buddy, Jay and me, god bless his soul, have seen this movie a 100 times and still laughing at that scene, in the good old days. Last few years i have lost 5 soul-friends to cancer, both younger and older than me and that hurts. Spiritual people don't grow on trees.. Anyway, we will win this fight, in the end. Light always prevails over darkness. Darkness has no power over light, love and truth. The Black Knight do not ALWAYS TRIUMPHS!... |

"They may take our lives but they'll never take our freedom!" William rallies his troops for battle...


Excerpts:  (SoTW - use your own spirtual discerment) 

WARNING: The Deep State goal to reduce the population and rule the world was being carried out via CV-19 and Covid Vaccinations:

  • COVID-19 vaccinations have caused neurological issues, blood clotting and a large amount of unreported deaths due to heart problems.
  • Luciferase and Biochips have been found in CV-19 Vaccines.
  • WARNING: the PCR Covid Tests were a form of nasal vaccine.
  • Over 13,000 doctors have signed a declaration against vaccine mandates.
  • The Corona PCR “test” implanted a microchip Nanobot called Nanites with a bioweapons payload for the brain, while at the same time harvested DNA.
  • A Combination of drugs called Remdesivir, Dexamethasone & Vancomycin were being used in hospitals to treat the fake virus and caused massive kidney failure and thus a filling of the lungs with liquid. 
  • Graphene Oxide has been confirmed to be found in vax vials, in masks, in swabs and now in hand sanitizer.
  • The NHS has been accused of ‘lying’ about Covid stats to promote vaccination.
  • Big Pharma, which has refused to submit the vaccines to independent analysis, has gone to considerable trouble to hide the ingredients.
  • Big Pharma companies have no liability for lying to the public about the proprietary ingredients in their vaccines. 
  • Big Pharma was not even standing behind these vaccines that were totally experimental and untested.
  • The U.S. military’s technology arm DARPA was fighting with Moderna over the ownership of the COVID vaccine. DARPA has “funded an implantable biochip” that could be used “to deploy” it. 
  • Under the cover of vaccinating, they were preparing to tag and track people.
  • The vaccine was being forced on the public and now on school children, because the vaccine and passport were the essential tools of a global surveillance system that would end everyone’s basic human freedom.
  • Florida now has the lowest Covid death rates in the nation – and has always had the least restrictions including a ban on Covid passports, masks and vaccines: 
  • Iceland has joined Sweden, Denmark, Canada and Finland in stopping vaccination due to it causing blood clotting and heart problems.
  • Pfizer’s Long Shady History: Racketeering, Bribes, Buying Approvals, Children As Human Guinea Pigs:
  • Open Letter to US Special Forces:  As you know, our country is under attack and the unconventional warfare tactics being executed against us have escalated to a breaking point. As we have made clear in our previous statements and videos, we know that the proven ineffective and harmful mRNA nanotech injection mandate is the greatest failure of military leadership in United States history, at best.  At worst, it is the most treasonous and devastating attack against the U.S. military and American people ever. To be 100 percent clear, from this point forward, anyone who continues to be involved in enforcing this unscientific, unconstitutional and fascist mandate will be held personally accountable for Treason and Crimes Against Humanity. The Supreme Court has made it very clear that it is up to the individual to know which orders and laws are unconstitutional and unlawful.

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