Oct 9, 2021

👽🦎🤴 ~ (What The F?! Dark cult Norwegian Royals? A bisexual shaman alien lover? REALLY!!!) – I’m a hybrid of reptile and Andromeda – NRK culture and entertainment (Newsbeezer) ~ | Blogger: [👸Ragnarok, Chaos and Insanity - Once you go Black you'll never go Back😱] ... {O-M-G! Mrs. Märtha Louise - You-go-girl} ... Durek Verrett, the son of a Norwegian-Indian woman and a father from Haiti. "spiritual guide and gifted healer" and a "sixth-generation bisexual shaman lover - a hybrid of reptile and Andromeda"... I didn't see that coming... Alex Collier, got a question about this guy, and cannot recognize (Shamandurek), as the hybrid species of reptilian or any reptilians, are assisting humanity and says, in his latest videocast yesterday, as far as I can remember, that end goal is, no more Aliens on Earth in a period of time (Amen to that Brother)... Just think about the disaster consequences it would be, if The Monarchy of Denmark (the world's oldest monarchy), Danish overseas colonies and pre Dano-Norwegian colonies, would have a similar situation, that Mary, dropping her “Princess” title and her Frogman, Frederik, for a shaman, who can cure cancer, and also is an reptilian... Or for that matter, it was revealed, that The British Monarchy, with the Reptilian DNA ruler, Elizabeth II, was the most powerful dark alien in the universe... NO WAY! But in Norway, YES, it's all accepted, properly because they have NOK 10.000 billions in their money bin... YOU KNOW: He who holds the key to the finances or oil, rules the world and apparently, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, has another Golden Age key, to a parallel spiritual dimension and the raise of the reptilian empire. Go figure!... |

"According to Store norske leksikon, Andromeda is a constellation that includes the Andromeda galaxy. Andromeda was also a princess according to Greek mythology, who was included in the constellations after her death."


Shaman Durek and Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

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