Oct 25, 2021

🌋🌊⚠️ ~ (EMSC: Crete = Normal. LaPalma = Not! Undeniable indisputable video proof La Palma volcano pattern is not natural. DS manipulations?) EMERGENCY ALERT FOR LA PALMA!!!! EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!! THIS VIDEO COULD SAVE MILLIONS OF LIVES (Dr Charlie Ward) ~ | Blogger: (SoTW) -- I have no fear - but the MSM are always looking for death and destruction with 100 meter waves of tsunami kinda Sensation-al Stories... That said, it could of course, be a real threat, but do not think it would be allowed by WH and off-worlders... If you are aware of strange square-like formation or massive parallel straight lines of contrails / chemtrails from photo images captured from NASA satellite sources that has shocking and undeniable proof of the ongoing global climate engineering / geoengineering/solar radiation management assault on our planet and its life support systems. If you know this is true, so could all the La Palma constant earthquakes recorded, that are manipulated with extremely powerful radio frequency signals. These signals are transmitted from countless locations around the globe from various types of transmission platforms (ionosphere heater installations like HAARP, SBX radar, NEXRAD, etc.).. Over 35,000 earthquakes and tremors recorded in La Palma over the past month. The volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma has been active for 35 days and has covered over 910 hectares in lava, destroying 2,146 buildings and Delta has claimed around 40 hectares of new land from the Atlantic.. |

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