Oct 1, 2021

🎞️🍿🀡 ~ (Spoiler alert) Best Bond Movie Ever? Start Of A New Toxic MeToo Era Pink Jacket Female James Bond? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🀜"a mad scientist, Obruchev, has developed Project Heracles, a bioweapon containing nanobots that spread like a virus upon touch, and are coded to specific DNA strands so they are only dangerous if programmed to an individual's genetic code"πŸ€›] ... Sounds familiar??? Back in the start of 2020 we all heard rumor of a deadly bioweapon escaped out of Wuhan biolap COVID-19 virus designated for asian chinamen only - remember?. The virus was NOT deadly, some say it was the activation of 5G towers in China, bioweapon or not, corona-virus has existed since human was designed by alien DNA, but hundreds of mad Bill Gates of Hell and Dr. Evil Fauci scientists created instead a slow-mo DNA-based ‘Frankenstein’ genocidal bioweapon, funvax nanotechnology graphene oxide (GO). The difference now, is that the Bond 25 version of a virus will kill you for sure, but the 2020 PlanDemic Agenda 21 CV[AI] VakkZine Nano Black-Goo failed and perhaps the vakkZine, is now replaced with saltwater or neutralised with divine intervention, but people have died in the hundreds of thousands already.... Go and watch Bond 25, order a loveseat theater seating, hold hands with your love one, because it's worth it...It has it all.. And promise me, don't listen to anyone or read about the movie before you watch it. Pinky swear?... |


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