Oct 21, 2021

✨ ~ πŸ’“ ('New Nyla Nguyen Update) POLAND FIGHTS WITH EU, TEXAS BANS INJECTION MANDATES, MANDATE SCAM, UK MP STABBED TO DEATH, AND MORE πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: I think, Nyla was a online personal trainer, fitness model / competitor, and an entrepreneur and you could call her a 'spiritual teacher'. Nyla hosts her own Youtube channel '3D to 5D Consciousness' as a way spread the light and raise the collective awareness of the planet... |


Published on 17 Oct 2021 / In Spiritual

Poland highest court ruled EU laws are not compatible with Polish laws. The court ruled Polish laws have primacy over EU laws. Texas banned all entities from mandating the Mark of the Beast. I’m exposing the mandate scam in America. Nothing is legal regarding this vax mandate. The fake Biden Administration gave the appearance of legitimacy. Many people fell for it. UK MP was stabbed to death. This has sent shock waves amongst politicians who are now afraid to be in public. Italian workers threaten to strike if the Green pass isn’t removed by Oct. 30th, 2021. The FDA sued for not being transparent. Delta pilot dies during mid-flight. More information on Solo Twin Flames.


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