Oct 21, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ ('Semper Supra': Too Many Secrets) CLOSE ENCOUNTER I saw a UFO firing four beams of light at nuke missile we launched from secret air base, says air force lieutenant (TheSUN + TheDebrief + NYTimes + Tucker) ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰Calling on Congress for public hearings, several former USAF officers say they witnessed UFOs during incidents at nuclear basesπŸ‘ˆ] ... Let's keep this simple, shall we?... What might have been the easiest task for USAF to do and allow talks and disclosure in the world, but, MIC-SSP controlled government officials, continue to ignore despite current interest in UAP reports... UFOs, UAPs, USOs and CRAPs - interfering with nuclear weapons... Three Types of Aliens Species. The greys. The reptilians. The Nordics... Well, it's not that simple really, but I guess, only the very, very, very Top Secret Operation Majestic-12, knows everything the rest of us, are left with breadcrumbs... Before, The Golden Age will start in (20xx), The EVENT and Planetary Liberation, could ignite the 6000 patents of amazing suppressed technologies to be released. The next thing will be First Contact and Full UFO Disclosure. We're all be Shocked-MindBlown-Startled when the Vulcan's land (crew from The Federation of the Worlds) on Earth and initiate first contact with Earth after witnessing the first Warp Flight made by Zefram Cochran, like in Star Trek... The rest of us, knows or understand, that The Secret Space Program and Aggressive Aliens in trading-agreements all over the Earth Planet has been in operation for over eighty (80) years!! Humanity has travelled much of the Universe and have bases on the Moon and Mars - the current propaganda (ie: "we don't know what these ET craft are and they are a threat") and manufactured lies spoken by the Deep State and promoted in the media are a prelude to a hoax ET attack that has been long planned. Not anymore though, since the Earth Alliance and off-worlders, has striped every known MIC-SSP tech away from "Rods from God” orbital weapon for bombarding targets on the Earth from space, to any other DEW's (except some few HAARP facilities). The Dark Fleet has been defeated and Solar Warden armada has now been commandeered by the good guys etc.. |

"We're on the brink of success and winning this 'spiritual war' and defeated the occult origins of the German Secret Space Program that will create positive ripple effect throughout the Multiverse." ~ SoTW


2021-10-19: Tucker on UFOs and Nukes

Tucker Carlson shares recent statements from Air Force missileer Capt David Schindele regarding UFOs and nuclear missile field events in the 1960s. While it is unfortunate that he uses the lofty subject to take a jab at his political opposition.... it wouldn't seem right to edit his comments out of the presentation. For more on Captain David Schindele... please see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E7ls...

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