Oct 6, 2021

💻🙋‍♂️♾️ ~ (MS Win11 is finally set...) FREE - 'WINDOWS 11' Released Today - Bill Gates Back Door REMOVED !!! (The Rumor Mill + EBH) ~ | Blogger: As an 30 years plus experienced IT-specialist this is really, really exciting times and great news... Think about it... For the very first time, Bill Gates is a goner, perhaps already dead! He's also the one that stole the source code for what would become MS-DOS and now, rumor has it, the 1.5 billion active Microsoft Windows users, can install or upgrade their Windows 10 and safely without any back door from CIA / NSA / Scamware Fraudsters...How about that folks!... TIP! How to Bypass Windows 11's TPM Requirement and Upgrade from Windows 10 go to "tomshardware", especially if you have a older PC or laptop like SoTW (but be careful you're messing with the BIOS and firmware)... |

So no longer can the CIA/NSA/Scamware Fraudsters get into your PC. Just for the record...this is how John MacAfee got all the evidence on the cabal (let that sink in for a minute) so now no back door is need for the good guys and the bad guys can't mess with us little guys anymore. (if he can get in...so can all the other so called protection providers) But no more...


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