Oct 28, 2021

❌πŸ™ƒπŸ’£ ~ (BQQM Week, Months or Years to come?) Thanks for Playing [ES] Proceed with Caution. 4ou Know Who is Here (John McAfee + DC + SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Just like the good old PatriotAnon Q bread crumbs days but I can't really decode it all... (SoTW) Sooo... I AM asking you outthere - when is when? Now? Weeks? Months or years ahead? I thought Oct 2021 was the killer month... We're been in this ENDTIME MADNESS or END GAME so long now. The countdown has started a looong time ago. No complete Blackout has not yet happen and release of the Emergency Broadcast System to support the Global Currency Reset, neither... Perhaps, 'I am too old for this shit'??? SoTW is just exhausted with 25 years invested and wish to see some changes - NOW - not in years ahead... |

"The last phase of the Transition into the New Age. Everything is following the Higher Plan. There will be no pain or suffering on the New Earth. We are in the first phase of our new journey into the 5D world. Ascension is a state of consciousness. From now on nobody will stay where he is not comfortable. Be grateful for everything, good or bad. Listen to what resonates with you and what does not. The financial part does not matter, but the atmosphere does. There, where unconditional love prevails. Be the change!" (link)... | 


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