Sep 16, 2021

🩾‍♂️🔛đŸŠč ~ ('There's absolute proof that 80% of US population choose Mr. T under election 2020. 70% no mushroom cloud in September of 2021 but more positive waves' ~ Janine') KERRY'S UPDATE: 09.09.2021 : WAR BY ANY OTHER NAME (Project Camelot) ~ | Blogger: Perhaps you are not aware of this, but Tarot by Janine, has made a "follow-up" or "decode" version of what Kerry is talking about in below video or whatever you wanna call it... Old news, well, yeah, yeah, but still important in order to understand who is the Good guys and Bad... PS: SoTW has meet KL Cassidy IRL, but also Dr. Michael Salla, and comes as a shock to me, Salla, is dead and was a cabal puppet and had something to do with Children (tarot reading from a Danish friend). Whaaaat! Cannot believe it. But as I have told my readers before, Salla was a goofy guy and not a friendly personality. What about Elena Danaan? and the prime directives of the Galactic Federation of Worlds & Star Trek etc.? I don't know yet - sorry... |

You can quote me….Kim Goguen..of course she’s programmed she’s anunnaki..that’s why they tried to manage her so completely. It doesn’t mean she hasn’t broken away and isn’t trying to chart her own course.

Same with Trump… maybe he comes from a long line of Black Sun but he too has broken away and is charting a new course.

Even those on the dark side eventually come to the light, It’s just a matter of time.

– KL Cassidy

I talk about the latest info regarding Trump”s DARK WEB phone call, the vision of the Catholic mystic, Anna Marie and the visions of 4 remote viewers of a mushroom cloud sometime in Sept. , Biden, Q and Juan O Savin.

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