Sep 10, 2021

☮️๐Ÿ˜ถ‍๐ŸŒซ️ ~ (Splitting images will return with truth telling info: Keep calm and stay vigilant...) What if I told you that there will be no mushroom cloud event but perhaps other minor FF ops in form of celebs blowing the whistle September 11, 2021 a date to remember? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: NOBODY knows, what the black hats will hit us with in my humble opinion. And it will be a BH event, not a WH event... I'm right now listen to a LIVE event by James Collier (Andromedan Contactee) and Alex refers to Michael Jaco and Mel K's, Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot's latest videos on how they will conduct a MAJOR FF ops by (Black Hats) and the vision of the Catholic mystic, Anna Marie and the visions of 4 remote viewers of a mushroom cloud sometime in September... If you are in to Tarot by Janie readings, that is NOT what's gonna happen.. We may however be seeing some minor FF ops.. Anywho, the latest with Tarot By Janine & Catherine Edwards is really good and covers so many, many things... Including the let's say "disappointing" facts that Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward's foundational statement, the 'Man of God' Declaration did not and I repeat, did NOT came down directly from the highest place within the White Hats community, but everything is still great and good intentioned. They also discuss the truckers in US and Australia etc. strike against tyrannical measures and Prince Andrew, Duke of York is DONE for and so is the The British Monarchy (Since Andrew is dead and so is Queen of the United Kingdom. Surrendered to Trump in 2019 I think it was. Buckingham Palace is empty, like the White House)... SoTW can tell you another truth - one of the oldest monarchies in world - The Danish Monarchy has NO leadership, because ever single one, has been arrested and awaits on trials on GITMO (believe what you want - claimed by Tarot card by a Danish tarot reader and intuitive healer). He also told me or the cards told him that, this weekend is It - this is it! If nothing (positive) will come out of this weekend - we are all doomed (Don't take this too literally)... |

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