Aug 10, 2021

🐠🐲🗽 ~ ('When the shit hits the fan': Decision-Making Matrix') The GoldFish Report No. 755 - Political Theater: America Get Ready, SGHTF!!! ~ | Blogger: Is this about Trump and America? Noooo... They discuss (suppressed) world affairs... From Israel, 1st country to reach vakkZine herd immunity vast number of cases among vaxxed people in Hospitals.. A leading German pathologist, Horowitz, who believes vaxx-deaths are undercounted based on autopsy findings.. France demonstrations takes another turn when healthworkers, firefighters, policeofficers and schoolteacher are quitting or joining forces against Rothschild Macron... After months of painstaking freedom of information law requests the government of Ireland has finally come clean and admitted that it has no scientific proof that the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) exists. So has Denmark and CDC in America and maaany other countries... And Herr Fauci says to get vaxxed to stop risk of an even deadlier COVID variant... etc. etc. etc... You can't make this shit up... but of course... move along, nothing to see here... |

Rumble — On The GoldFIsh Report No. 755, Louisa and Jim report on the latest political theater including newly released stats on new hospitalizations of the jabbed, the vaxxed-anti-vaxxers, Remington's real reason they settled, new lock down mandates and the coming tyranny in America and much more.

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