Aug 10, 2021

πŸŽ™️πŸ“‘πŸ“Ί ~ (BBC journalist killed: Savile abused 1,000 victims under BBC's protection. Fake BBC is DR and other media biggest sisterchannel was STORMED by anti-lockdown protestors!) BBC British Broadcasting Corporation, Corruption. Truth about the BBC they don't want you to know (Brandy Elroy) ~ | Blogger: BBC and London Calling is not gonna save them for ever... (Outside the report) Another English BBC heroine murdered to reveal pedophilia among the "rulers" of the world... Why is it so important for SoTW to reveal pedophilia, and why is it so important for Fake News BBC and Fake News DDR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) and Fake News CNN not to cover the pedophilic scandals? Two sides of the same coin: SoTW wish for a Spiritual Democracy to put the idea of democracy back to where it belongs, as a shining example of the human spirit at work in the evolution of human culture and social architecture, without pedophile managers. While: The owners of the Cabal / Deep State / Illuminati aka The “Elders of Zion,” i.e. the Rothschilds and their lackeys controlled media in the West, which are owned by 5 companies, want pedophile leaders because then they are easier to control. In 1913, the psychopathic super-rich get their privately owned Federal Reserve (US Central Bank), get started WWI and introduce the income tax (to pay for the interest rate on the money they produce out of the thin air, as well as for WWI) because they had a clamp on president Wilson. He had been his wife unfaithful. In 1963 they got rid of and murdered John F Kennedy because they had a squeeze on the FBI Chef Edgar Hoover. Among other things, he lived in a homosexual relationship with his male girlfriend. Then there was John F Kennedy claims of threating UFO disclosure and new financial system NESARA / GESARA backed by the hard asset that is gold and silver etc. Bill Clinton was 26 times on the pedogate billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's island in the Caribbean in a two year period. Why isn't he in prison? Is he dead already? Hollywood is governed by pedophiles and produces virtually only movies that must brainwash the population for a more and more luciferic global world order. Many of the manuscripts receive directly from Jesuit controlled CIA... |

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