Aug 18, 2021

πŸ’―πŸ†—πŸ˜ƒ ~ (Top Viral 2 Min Video of The Day) A Multitrillion Corporatized Transinternational Controlled AI Social Engineering Tracking Industry Digital ID System (21st Century Wire Patrick Henningsen) ~ | Blogger: As a former Technology Specialist in (Rothschild) Banking, it was vital to introduce "Proprietary Brand Assets" - branding in the Age of Digitalisation, Automation and Robotization by Fintech / Blockchain / Softbots / AI... People think that the Corona-Agenda has been planned a looong time ago, due to Agenda 21 (2030).. Perhaps, I personally think, that it consisted of 3 main goals... 1️⃣ -- Big Pharma - Big Tech and before 2019 was in a dire need to get a fast-tracked cash-cow started again. If Big Pharma isn't profitable, it won't survive. Pharmaceutical companies quickly view the Corona-Scam pandemic as a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity... 2️⃣ - WEF Klaus Schwab freemason-communist-clans issued a demand of a GREAT RESET, since "Infrastructure- and Central Banks" had huge problems with failing money creation FIAT-system, negative interests, AMLF & national anti-money laundering (AML), something had to be done - FAST (hence, Danske Bank's $234bn money-laundering scandal + Deutsche Bank bankrupted etc.). And yes, as you know, Bill Gates of Hell & Microsoft, filed a patent on March 20, 2020 to develop a cryptocurrency (called " 666 ") that is distributed to people based on their bodily activity. The idea behind it is to create a cryptocurrency that is connected to people's physical bodies... 3️⃣ -- Hierarchical leadership was loosing because people were beginning to wake up in vast numbers and became more spiritual enlighten. Therefore, in order to close our connection to God / Source / Christ Consciousness, FEAR and CONTROL would be the main goal. Coronavirus = Krona - Crown - Chakra shutdown - the bridge to the Cosmos... You be the judge... |


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