Aug 23, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (Semper Supra: Amazing disclosures all you need to know!?!) NASA Never Went to the Moon, Incognito E.T.s and More | Q&A | Brad Johnson | UFO HUB Live Stream #40 (UFO HUB) ~ | Blogger: "Adronis" starts speaking, at 11 minute marker... The pursuit for instantaneous, nonstop God / Source information transmission? This covers the lying NASA is NOT a Space Administration (Never A Straight Answer). Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin was NOT in space. The inauguration day was pre-recorded, Joe Biden is not on the planet anymore - replaced by a "dobbelganger". Trump has a "open" invitation to come back. China is no more a threat to the world.. "Bankers" went to the Moon - but - no landings. illuminati bloodlines families. MSM will NEVER EVER speak the truth. The Universe or SPACE has no nations or boundaries. Get out of the "patriotism illusion programming" - be republic, work together, go within. Only 10% vaxxed worldwide (whaaaaat!!!). MedBeds, will NOT be available, until the Dark Regime is gone, for a least, some years ahead. Nikola Tesla, Sun construct, Sonoluminenscence, heat + oxygen etc. etc. .Q&A begins at 58 minute marker ... |

 PS: Listen to it all and to the very end, if you feel so guided... Perhaps you already know, but Brad Johnson channeling Adronis (so-called Multi-Dimensional Mentor from Sirius). As an aware Danish enlighten person, you could compare "Adronis" to the Trance Medium, Dennis SΓΈndergaard, who channels the Danish Master "Niham", which, one session, I have attended. As you know, SoTW is no bullshitter, I'm very grounded and you might ask yourselves, if Brad who channels Adronis is a fraud? - a "show", downloaded from Brad's own subconscious or "controlled" by a dark entity - I don't know. But, most of the "intel" that comes from Adronis, really resonates with my own research, experiences and higher self and my guides... As always, use your own spiritual discernment... | 


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