Aug 26, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (New Nyla Nguyen Update: 'The Perfect STORM to breakup the FDA') INDICTMENT OF ANTONY FAUCI, GERMANY AND DENMARK LIFTING RESTRICTIONS, FDA APPROVING CLOT SHOT, TRUDE (3D to 5D Consciousness) ~ | Blogger: Wrong "data" from Denmark, Nyla??? (15 minute marker).. SoTW do like the Canadian Nyla Nguyen, online personal trainer, fitness model/competitor, and an entrepreneur, because she seems to be no (spiritual) bullshitter! She will not lure you in her spiritual enterprise with heavy fees, for her, telling the (truth)... That said, I'm not sure I agree with Nyla Nguyen about Denmark, Germany & Singapore, as she mention. Yes, Romania, is AWESOME, almost all of the vakkZine-centers is gone, with only 42% vaxxinated (9M out of 19M citizens).. HOWEVER, the Danish govt is still pushing V-E-R-Y hard to get all vaxxed until 90% of the population, is fully vaxxinated - right now it's 80%. And today, they are trying to force, youngsters, both to get their HPV-jab and COVID, by sending out special teams, at different places around the country at schools and institutions with Drop-in clinics.. Nyla, was right about Denmark are "discussing" the panic-laws that was created in 2020 (unprecedented draconian illegal legislation) about, getting Corona virus from "List A" (For general dangerous diseases) to "List B" (For other infectious diseases) - basically a flu or cold. And yes it's true, lesser COVID measures in DK, lesser test centers, and facemasks and visor are fully phased out on September 1, 2021 -- buuutt - we ARE NOT out of the woods yet... |

Great news for the collective as Antony Fauci will be indicted. Germany and Denmark to life Co(n)vid restrictions. Romania to close down vax places. FDA moving fast to approve the clot shot. Trudeau rallying but getting attacked by Canadians. Aussies are stepping up and fighting back the government. And then I will be speaking about the Afghanistan situation.


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