Aug 12, 2021

🚱πŸ₯΅❤️‍πŸ”₯ ~ ('Lucifer' Heat & HAARP? Initialized by Black or White Hats? Floods hit Turkey & North Korea) Ferocious heat spreads out of North Arica into Southern Europe right now… And this is just the beginning of an atrocious heatwave! (SS) ~ | Blogger: WHO owns the Weather? SoTW have been following the weather patterns and or so-called Chemtrailing / HAARP / DEW etc. in Denmark and the world for 20 years or so, but is Simon Parkes right on the spot, when he says, that we cannot assume anymore it's made by the "bad people"?? (2021 08 08 Connecting Consciousness 14 minute marker and again, at 1:05 minute) Simon says, the "Cabal or DS" has lost the ability to wage "Consistent Weather Warfare" and their technology has been taken down. Now, according to Simon, the "good guys" are playing "them" (bad guys) by their own game (fight fire with fire).. I hear you, Simon, and understand it to some extend, but, why should the White Hats deliberately create insane and extreme weather for people to suffer from?. That sounds inhumane and not a benevolent thing to do, if you ask me at SoTW. Simon goes in more details at later on in the show - it's all about cleansing and flooding "Cabal or DS" DUMB's with water. That actually makes sense to me at SoTW. Simon says, where (the Air Force) 'rods from God' (Super Space Weapon) or other high-tech DEW's cannot reach in major cities and elsewhere, they use water and weather manipulation. Simon mentions EVER GIVEN (Container Ship) had, among a special "weather manipulation device": -- PS: SoTW - this device was meant to "kill" all food crops, that makes drought etc. confirmed by Navy SEAL Michael Jaco, Project Camelot, Mel K, Dr. Charlie War, and Tarot by Janine (btw, Janine says unfortunately that Maersk line / Greenland DUMB and Danish monarchy is involved in Sex trafficking with the rescuing of dead and saved children and woman out of Evergreen)... What about extreme heat Simon? (no answer)... |

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