Jun 26, 2021

πŸŽΌπŸ©ΊπŸ’“ ~ (Music, Sacred Frequencies, Resonance & Universe) Stories out of this world - Alex Collier & Elena Danaan - May 9 /2021 (Elena Danaan) ~ | Blogger: Thanks to A+E for sharing their knowledge and experience... Did SoTW meet Alex, a Andromedan contactee, IRL - sure! What about Dr. Salla who has interviewed Elena Danaan on several occasions, yes sir - twice! All three, are they talking in riddles about esotericism and ufology beyond what "normal" people are able to understand? Absolutely! Was Alex and Elena, on a alien spaceship? So they claim. I guess this videocast is not for everyone. Do SoTW get it all? noo, but it's a very interesting spontaneous conversation about their "passions"- for lack of a better word... |

Alex and I just recorded a spontaneous conversation about a project we had in mind for a good while. Apologies for all the rescheduling, as life got in the way, but it finally happened! This is the merging of two timelines, two stories into one, the Jedi and the Padawan, two contactees sharing a simple conversation...out of this world.

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