June 08, 2021

📡〰️🤯 ~ (Area 51 High-tech & DEW's) As Greece installs ‘sound cannons’ on border, Denmark passes law allowing asylum seekers to be sent overseas (WP + AP + TV 2 News) ~ | Blogger: [🤜"Is Denmark a racist country? Nooo, but Danes has been raised up by wolfs in the political system, media-circus, and "hygge racism" has become so pervasive in Danish culture" ~ SoTW🤛] ... That's is not my topic - Direct Energy Weapons are... The Washington Post (and Danish TV 2 News copycat journalism) has come forward with disturbing facts about Greece military has deployed long-range acoustic device alongside the Greek-Turkish border to stop migrants from crossing into the European Union from Turkey... SoTW, has talked and listen to US military and spiritual leaders about this for years, DEW's do exist, trust me (look up California wildfires and laser DEW's - especially city of 'Paradise, ca').. But that's not all.... Not ONLY have they installed ‘sound cannons’, that can produce sounds as loud as a jet engine, like police are using against protesters with their LRAD sonic weapons, Human rights advocates, have questioned whether the use of the cannons violates international law, and the European Union has expressed concerns and said it will be seeking more information from Athens... IN THE Danish version of WP or AP article they go even further saying, 📑that the nearby lookout towers on the Greek-Turkish border are equipped with "long-distance cameras" with "night vision and several sensors". They detect suspicious movements using "artificial intelligence" and pass the information on to a control center.. Among the systems that have been tested at the external borders are "lie detectors" with "artificial intelligence" and "virtual border guard robots" (what the hell is that?) that can interrogate border guards. In addition, work is being done on a technology where you can "remove leaves on trees and shrubs" on direct recordings, so that it becomes almost impossible to hide in the border country. In addition to Greece, tests have been carried out in Hungary, Latvia and elsewhere on the EU's eastern border, according to AP📑... [READ MORE]... |




(continued) NOOOW, we are talking Area 51 (alien) technology, which 20 years plus experienced German Jürgen ('Dreamland Resort: Area 51' website) and his buddy, Tony, a very skilled US guide, has told me about towards back door Area 51 MUFON tour bus (Groom Lake) where we meet the infamous Area 51 camo dudes - lethal force authorized... Jürgen has the best knowledge in the world, about Area 51 /, S4 etc. and that German guy, has lived in the area and has been questioning by FBI, many times, because he has studied the advanced security they have around the 5,000 square miles (12,950 square km) of restricted airspace. Especially their super advanced sensors in the road that he studied in every detailed and went to FBI - USAF didn't like that a bit. He told me, he got spooked after that and afraid of what they will do to him next... |  

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