Mar 26, 2021

👩‍💻👨‍💼🤏 ~ (VP CGI China Joe) Put not your trust in Princes, nor in the Son of Man, in whom there is no Help or Salvation! Don't trust Anyone - not your best Friend or even your Wife!?! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Why is it so hard to trust people these days? How do you trust that God is good in these COVID-19 circumstances? Well, I can only answer this question one way, from my own spiritual insight, not a biblical standpoint or political angle... Some people, tend to want to see the world as predictable rather than capricious... We hate being lied to, but prefer looking at a fake donkey's ass with dementia, than a president, with an unshakable belief in something, hope of strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls... If you wish to get a thrill after spotting a 'ghost' in the mirror, that 'ghost' will stay forever and always hunt you in your dreams... Same goes for COVID-19 Corona Corporation Agenda or any other "Event" in the history, that The Cabal and 'Hidden Hand' has put upon us... Isolation and fear of infection are two factors contribution to a rise in anxiety and depression amid the so-called "pandemic", however, when you learn about the truth, there's no more fear and panic and of course, no going back, to the fakery 3-D Matrix World... And very few, are aware of it but the "digitalization" of the human race is advancing at break-neck speed... |


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