Mar 12, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (SSP News: 'We have people born and lives on Mars, for decades') HIDDEN MILITARY INFO COMING IN THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND - EVERYTHING WE'VE BEEN TAUGHT IS A LIE (Wil Paranormal) ~ | Blogger: SoTW have personally meet (or went to conferences) with the now deceased whistleblowers within the U.S. Navy (William Tompkins and more), Dr. Michael Salla, Alex Collier, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, T.L. Keller, Guy from EG&G Janet Airlines... However, have not in person been privileged to deep talks, invited into the inner circle, or a public figure in the Ufology communities. Just, a hillbilly from Denmark, trying to figure out, what the hell is going on... One of the best experiences for me, was a guided MUFON tour bus (with 20 years plus experienced German JΓΌrgen and his buddy, Tony, a very skilled US guide) towards back door Area 51 (Groom Lake) where we meet the infamous Area 51 camo dudes - lethal force authorized... I got a signed poster and talked briefly to NASA astronauts, L. Blaine Hammond and with Dr Ken Johnston at MUFON Symposium 2017... Been at a UFO International Congress and briefly had a 'fling', a few years ago with an American woman, (Parker) whose father was the Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) at Patrick Air Force Base's Eastern Test Area, during his time in the USAF. He later worked in the control tower, one of the high-level trusted military personnel responsible for the hand-held secret document briefcase and the finger of the Apollo mission send button, and knew all the famous astronauts... And of course, participated and part of Cobra (RM) School... |


Scott McKay and ex military Gene Decode discuss intelligence that's been hidden from us for generations with advanced technology that will literally blow your mind.

For instance, the airplane we all travel in has been obsolete for over a hundred years. Want to know more? Listen to what else is revealed.

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