Mar 8, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (SSP News - Semper Supra) Part 5: The Secrets of the Mojave(Or, The Conspiracy Against Reality) ...Page 8...’Starfleet International’..’United Federated Planets’ (The Rumor Mill) ~ | Blogger: Perhaps, The Ambassador of the Red Dragon family, is not convinced of 80 years Worldly old "Secret" Space Programs, Solar Warden Fleet, Starship Troopers & U.S. Marine Corps Special Section, Moon and Mars bases, and what have you, but I Am... πŸ“‘"There are more than a hand full of Secret Space Programs that are directly connected to Ancient Earth Civilizations that developed their own "Break Away Civilizations" before those civilizations perished (some of these Ancient SSP Breakaway's have presented themselves as "Gods" to Humanity in less developed time periods and have most recently presented themselves as "ALIENS" from "This or That Star System" to People they are contacting Currently on Our Planet." (exopolitics)πŸ“‘...Check out the back of my new t-shirt... |

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Date: Monday, 8-Mar-2021 01:45:04

Continuing with The Secrets of the Mojave(Or, The Conspiracy Against Reality) by Brandon...

...In 1990, researcher Val Valerian released a peculiar document which was sent to him by another researcher. The document is actually a list of several military personnel. However, the strange thing about this document was the title-heading.

Some researchers believe that within the deepest levels of the government is an on-going ’covert space program’ utilizing some very remarkable aerospace and propulsion technologies. However, the very nature of this program, the clandestine (and possibly illegal) means by which it is funded, as well as the possible means by which they came across this ’technology’, has apparently led the ’Secret’ Government into keeping these activities one of the world’s top secrets, and apparently they have enforced this cover-up, as John Lear says, with ’deadly force’. Perhaps one of the most important reasons for the secrecy, according to some, is that SOME groups within the secret government have allegedly -- in the face of ’superior alien technology’ -- ’surrendered’ to a malevolent alien race and have become their ’agents’ on earth.

Is it also possible -- as many researchers and prominent military, government and industrial personnel are actually confirming -- that the ’secret government’ is utilizing this advanced super-technology (which they have hidden from the public) to carry out a clandestine space program involving not only manned FLIGHTS to the moon, but also manned BASES on the moon and, some claim, even Mars as well? There appears to be enough mounting evidence to cause the public to at least consider the possibility of these claims. Actually, if one carefully examines all of the various claims and how they merge together in synchronicity, and if one studies the various theories and arguments concerning Einstein’s ’unified field’ theory and the apparent underlying connection between electromagnetism, gravity waves, and other ’unified field’ forces, such a scenario involving a fleet of top secret government anti gravity craft would not be outside the realm of possibility.

The document referred to above contains in the title heading both the terms ’Starfleet International’ and ’United Federated Planets’. Why would such a statement appear on a MILITARY document?

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