Mar 11, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (SSP News - Semper Supra) Are Middle East Wars a cover for Soldiers being sent to fight Extraterrestrials? (Dr. M. Salla ~ | Blogger: Yes, yes, a bit what Cobra (RM) are warnings us all about, but what Cobra is not telling us, perhaps, Dr. Salla, will?... ☝️NOTE: People who's into SSP-movement, for a better word, understand that no-matter what we do, how good and vibrational frequency we all are on Earth, there's a secret Project Looking Glass theory, which involves a yellow cube, that is pretty darn interesting.... It has been said, PLG was used by the Aggressive Dark Alliance, to see alternate timelines... It's like, a Area 51 device wormhole technology - Military Grey Alien Technology. This M.G.A. tech theory basically postulates that a lot of military and air-space technology - along with their capabilities - are intentionally kept hidden from society in Area 51, and this technology has been influenced by "found" or "acquired" alien tech that somehow made it to planet earth... My point is, no-matter what we wish for, good or bad, our future timelines has perhaps been set in stone already, or the future has already happened... |



A March 9 Zero Hedge article presents nine signs why the Biden administration is moving towards increased US military intervention in Syria and against Iran. In this Exopolitics Today Podcast, Dr Michael Salla examines how these looming Middle East wars are a cover not only for Deep State activities such as searching for extraterrestrial artifacts and to fund a CIA black budget supporting secret space programs, but also for human soldiers to fight extraterrestrials in conflict zones. The podcast discusses extraterrestrial agreements dating back over a millennia, and the need for the Deep State to fulfill quotas of soldiers that are regularly sacrificed through wars contrived by the Deep State.

Exopolitics Today Podcast available on Rumble and YouTube

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