Mar 17, 2021

✨~ πŸ’— (Peak Energy Days March 15th-April 8th 2021) Equinox: March 2021 (Aluna Ash) πŸ’• ~ |


Equinox, March 20th 2021 is taking place within the largest cycle of repeating Peak Energy Days of this year: March 15th-April 8th 2021.

The next larger cycle of repeating days will be in mid May.

Naturally there is an increase in energy around this time of year. March-April is highly significant in the overall Soul Journey of Spirit in matter.
Be patient and loving with others, be patient and loving with yourself and allow the beautiful inner and outer transformations to continue.

We are all an Originating Essence-Life-Spirit acting as moving aspects of One inner world functioning at many levels at once, a Living Body that awakens more and more from within.

I'm not sure if I posted this on here last week or not, so here it is

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