March 30, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (New Nyla Nguyen Update) Vaccine Update & PCR Tests spreading Morgellon, Burma seizes G. Soros bank accounts, C. Sky standing up to cops, 20 year cop resigns from force, & more! (3D to 5D Consciousness) ~ | Blogger: Another (disturbing) video, skip to 22 minute marker, if you do not wish to learn, not ready or "spiritual mature", listen in about the (supposedly) highly contagious "Nanofibers" found on q-tips, used for PCR-tests, Morgellons Disease. I mean, everyone who has done their homework with some (serious) studying knows, that, covid test kits & the vax are synthetic, nanoparticulate pathogens etc... Nyla Nguyen, who I really like, are saying, she will properly STOP seeing friends and people, who has taken a "test" or "vaccine", to avoid the "Nanofibers" entering her body, by spyt, sperm or just sitting in a airplane, and spreading, from one humans skin, to another... Hmm... Word of advice, Mrs Nguyen, since SoTW has recently taken the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, and it was hash reminder, never to do that again, if I can avoid it. I was spitting, swearing and sour in my throat for 2 hours, but did take Colloidal Silver (MSM - Methylsulfonylmethane + Boron/Borax - can also help removing nanoparticles) and it helped, since, "Colloidal Silver" will "eliminate" any self-replicating inorganic synthetic “life-forms” and has been proven to "kill over 650 different pathogens," or "cure over 650 different diseases." (that is my take on it, go research for yourselves). I do however, need some more study and testing with my danish holistic ND... [READ MORE]... |


I'm sorry guys, SoTW, is perhaps a (spiritual) multidimensional influencer, but based on FACTS and 3-D Matrix information (channel or spiritual portal), seeking the truth, not making a dime. However, my intention on SoTW, is not, to spread any FEAR, but the truth is sometimes, hard to find, and when you find it, very, very ugly. On the other hand, SoTW, will not Cuddle and Hug your way to a better HEALTH... SPEAK to your beloved memory cells, STAY inside your HEART-chakra-center and you will be fine!... Self-Compassion is important... What we really need is to remove our ancient programmed etheric & physically neural (implants). Nanoparticles are already in our body, by eating stuff and chemtrails (smart dust) etc... | 

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